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The Importance of Deck Cleaning

November 7, 2019

Deck cleaning is an often overlooked home maintenance item. 

When considering standard home maintenance we often think of cleaning gutters, washing windows, or even washing our roof. While all these are great to maintain long lasting beauty and function of our home, we strongly recommend adding a good deck wash to your yearly  To-Do list as well. CLICK HERE to add a deck cleaning to your list today!

Whether you have a wooden deck, composite deck, PVC deck or vinyl deck, you should have it cleaned at least once a year. A common misconception is that only wood decks should be cleaned regularly. In fact, to maintain the beautiful style and appearance you loved when your deck was built, you should have your deck washed yearly with the appropriate cleaning products for the decking you have.  Too often a contractor will tell a homeowner that their composite deck is going to be a Zero maintenance product. Actually it is a very low maintenance product that requires no staining, sanding, or sealing. It does though still require appropriate cleaning. CLICK HERE if you need a deck cleaning soon!

Deck cleaning not only helps with extending the life of your deck, it also ensures your deck looks great all the time as well. It maintains safety by ensuring there is no slippery surface elements. And it sets to protect your deck investment for a longer period of time then if you let all the elements build up on your deck. As a general rule we recommend no more than two years between cleanings, but every year is a much better maintenance standard. If you are looking for great local company to handle your deck washing in Delaware CLICK HERE to schedule a deck cleaning now. 

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